Episode 9 - Myspace Memories

October 31, 2016

On this Hallows' Eve, GnarCast Radio is introduced by the Crypt Keeper from Tales From The Crypt! We then talk about our ridiculous adventure to Factory Of Terror in Fall River MA. After we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the My Chemical Romance album "The Black Parade". We also talk about our Halloween costumes, a few spooky and gross Halloween memories, and end with a song we discovered on MySpace many years ago by False Start. Enjoy and happy Halloween!

Episode 8 - Heathens

September 11, 2016

This month on GnarCast Radio, we start off the show talking about meeting up with ridiculous friends, and going to the mall. After we talk about middle school memories, a prank call from Brandon Dicamillo and play new music by Twenty One Pilots, and Water Parks.

Episode 7 - Life Changes

August 22, 2016

After a long break GnarCast Radio is back! In episode 7 we talk about annoying cousins, play a prank call, and listen to new music from Blink-182 & Good Charlotte!

Episode 6 - Trivia With Jack!

March 1, 2016

In this episode of GnarCast things get wild! My dad stops in the studio for a moment to give us all a lesson on "Bazos". We pay tribute to the legends who recently passed who are Don Vito, and David Bowie. After we play trivia with Jack, and Buddy Bill! What happens when Jack didn't know his precious booze was on the line though? Buddy Bill has an accident and spills his beer all over Jack and well you'll have to listen to the rest to find out! Featuring music from Daniel Lioneye, David Bowie & Queen, and YellowCard.

Episode 5 - Christmas Special!

December 10, 2015

We spread some holiday cheer in this episode of GnarCast! Talk about the horrors of going to the mall around Christmas time, cutting down our own Christmas tree, using a cat's litter box, and our Christmas wishes. Featuring holiday music from The Dicamillo Sisters, Blink 182, and Fall Out Boy!

Episode 4 - Streaking In Aruba

November 20, 2015

Getting ready for Thanksgiving an the holidays in this episode of GnarCast. Chatting about crazy vacation stories in Aruba, stories about Jack, and learning from a random drunk how to pick up MILFS! Featuring new music from Good Charlotte, and The All American Rejects.

Episode 3 - Halloween Horror Stories

October 12, 2015

Halloween episode of GnarCast Radio. We talk about doing mischievous activities as young kids, buying cars, attempting to cut off a friends disgusting wart, and why not to ever buy fat hookers! Featuring music from CKY and Black Veil Brides. 

Episode 2 - Banana Gun Point

September 22, 2015

In episode 2 of GnarCast Radio we begin talking with new friends about parties, a girl with a "spongy" tooth, holding people up at a party while fisting a jar of peanut butter while holding a banana up to someone, and going to the mall. You will also learn how to take directions just by naming liquor stores, and bars! Featuring music from All Time Low, CiG, and Green Day.

Episode 1 - She’s Got “Baggage”

August 27, 2015

Welcome to the first episode of GnarCast Radio! We waste no time kicking things off, with introducing the cast with some ridiculous, and embarrassing stories! You will soon learn that carrying "baggage" means having a significant other, and plastic water bottle are lethal, and can shatter a window! Featuring music from Sublime, live performance from NARK { Local band from Boston MA} and HIM.